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Part : Coolant Pump

Model : ACRK 16-50/5 60Hz

Manufacturer : A-Ryung

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Product Description

The ACRK series is a high-pressure, multi-stage centrifugal pump designed for applications requiring high precision and performance. It is commonly utilized in machinery and tools to effectively cool processing materials and remove sludge.

This type of pump is widely used in cooling systems for NC, CNC, lathes, machining centers, grinding machines, as well as filtering systems and washing machines. It is predominantly constructed from stainless steel, and its mechanical seal is made of FKM, ensuring durability at high temperatures and long-lasting performance.


Half-permanent life

Motor part :
This type is completely closed 3 phases motor and designed special cutting oil usage.
The frame is made aluminum material, so it can easily dispersed the motor heat.
The motor is used for half permanent because of no overload to the motor.

Pump part :
The abrasion & erosion can be protected by designing mechanical superiority, also there is no noise and vibration.

Quality performance
The pumping capability is improved by testing various cutting oil applications and experience.

High speed mechanical seal
The endurance is increased by using mechanical seal for high speed usage to apply to the self immersion pump.

Marking high and low limitation of liquid
Immersion type ACP-F, HF is marked high & low line of thefilling oil on the pump body.

Rotating direction& checking window attached
side of motor, it has a mark to rotate direction of motor with the sticker or direction window.

Product Specifications

Pump typeMotorCurrent
Frame No.(P2) kW
ACRK 16-50/5 60HzF132M7.527.1 / 15.7 / 13.689.5

External Dimensions

ACRK 16-201 60Hz

Performance Range

ACRK 16-201 60Hz

  • In situations where the cooling efficiency is reduced due to the lower air density, such as in environments with ambient temperatures exceeding 40°C or at altitudes over 1000m, it’s necessary to operate the motor at a reduced output capacity.
  • Example: When the pump needs to be installed at a sea level of 3500m and in an area of ambient temperature.
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