Part : Motor T-ROTOR Pump

Model Number : AMTP200-13MSVB 220/380V

Manufacturer : A-Ryung Machinery Industries

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Product Description

The AMTP200-13MSVB is a small T-ROTOR pump with a combined motor and pump. it is very compact and it is easy to assemble and disassemble.This pump has a relief valve to control the pump pressure to avoid overloading motor and pump operation (Option).This type is used for lubrication in machines & tools and transferring oil & fluid.

Overview of the pump

T-ROTOR describes the path followed by a point on a circular plate where it undergoes a rolling contact motion around a fixed circle without slipping. The trajectory created by the outer rolling motion of the disk, beyond its circumference, is known as an Epi-trochoid. The trajectory resulting from the inner rolling motion is referred to as a Hypo-trochoid.

The T-Rotor Pump is an internal gear pump consisting of a pair of internal and external gears manufactured based on the Trochoid Curve.

How it Works 

The T-ROTOR pump operates by creating a chamber of space. The T-ROTOR has a pair of teeth that is designed according to the Trochoid Curve principle, which undergo inward rolling motion. It is a pump that discharges.

The In-Rotor has one fewer gear tooth than the Out-Rotor and rotates eccentrically at a specific distance from the external gear.

The pump is designed to forcibly draw in and discharge fluid by maintaining constant space between the external teeth. The space is constantly large or small. The motion of the rotor is depicted in the image below.

Features of the pump

1. High suction pressure and high mechanical and volumetric efficiency.

2. Because the internal and external gears make rolling contact motion by trochoid curve, the relative speed is lower than that of the gear pump. As a result, there is reduced tooth wear and discharge pulsation.

Because the internal and external gears make rolling contact motion using the trochoid curve, the relative speed is lower than that of the gear pump. As a result, there is reduced wear to the tooth and discharge pulsations are less. 

3. Its straightforward design makes it easy to disassemble, assemble, and repair. In addition, this oil pump is smaller than other gear pumps that share a similar capacity, has a longer service life, and has more discharge per rotation.

4. Unlike gear pumps, the T-Rotor pump does not require a Cresent-Shaped Spacer. It also has various applications in areas such as lubrication, hydraulics, and transportation.

5. Since it always rotates at a single point of contact, the rotation can range from low to high speeds (300 to 3000 RPM).

Product Specifications

50 Hz 4p (1,500 rpm)
Discharge Volume6.7
Maximum   Pressure Per Motor Output200W0.55
60 Hz 4p (1,800 rpm)
Discharge Volume8.1
Maximum   Pressure Per Motor Output200W0.75
Net   Weight8.7 kg

Electrical Specifications
TypeMotor OutputMotor SpeedPhasePolesFrequencyRated VoltageCurrent
200W0.2 kW1,430 rpm3 Ø4 P50 Hz200 V / 380 V1.30 A / 0.75 A
0.2 kW1,710 rpm3 Ø4 P60 Hz220 V / 380 V / 440 V1.10 A / 0.75 A / 0.55 A

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A-Ryung Motor T-ROTOR Pump AMTP200-13MSVB 220/380V