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Part : Oil Skimmer KOS-1002SC Belt

Model Number : KOS1002SCBELT

Material for belt : Urethane belt

Oil Skimmer Type : KOS-1002SC

Manufacturer : KEM

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Product Description

The KEM Oil Skimmer is used to remove floating non-aqueous oil that floats on the water surface. This versatile skimmer is ideal for managing lubricating oil, motor oil, machine oil, machine operating oil and various other liquid oils making it an essential tool for industries that require an efficient oil removal.

Material for belt (Belt width 65mm)

S = Urethane belt

Oil Skimmer KOS-600S Belt

How to change parts

How to Replace belts

1. While Pressing the pulley ⓒ in the direction of the arrow (⬆) and remove the belt from pulley ⓐ

2. After change the new belt, please assemble the cover.

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AvailabilityShipping directly from South korea. Import duties are included.
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KEM Oil Skimmer KOS-1002SC Belt