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Manufacturer : Kwangrim

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Models : CIPL 751-A, CIPL 751A

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Kwangrim Oil & Coolant Chiller CIPL 751A

High Precision Oil and Coolant Cooler

The world's smallest high-pressure circulation type cooler. Even when minimally loaded, the CIPL series coolers still allow +-0.1 C high precision temperature control with 0.5 Mpa internal pressure for higher efficiency and better precision. Conventional models only have 0.3 Mpa internal pressure. Additionally, CIPL coolers operate by chilling coolant liquid during circulation enabling a more compact design. As an option, you can attach a pump to supply coolant to the machine, saving space and enhancing durability.

• No need for tank with circulation-type cooler

• Easy tank cleaning

• Selection between the on-off distribution model type and high-precision control PID type

CIPL Series Option

Heater: With heater attached, warm-up time is reduced.

Tuned Mass Sensor: The target temperature is based on the machine temperature, not the room temperature for more accurate temperature control.

Tank: Tank can be attached with various volume selections.

CIPL series options chart

NANOCON Drawings

nanocon example drawings

Product Specifications


Kwangrim Oil & Coolant Chiller CIPL 751A (H,P,HP)
Dimension345 x 487 x 1331 (W x D x H)
Rated Power Source (W) (50/60 Hz)2,900/3,480
Impressed Power Source3Ø 200V 50 / 60Hz, 220V / 60Hz
Rated Power Capacity  (kVA)4.5
Operation CircuitDC 24V, 5V
Rated Load Current (A)11.8
CompressorRotary Type
CondenserALL Aluminum Type
EvaporatorCoil Type (Stainless)
Heater3Ph 220V 2kW
TypeCoolant Pump
Flow rate (L/min)85 / 120
Rated Motor Output (kW)0.25
Connecting Piping3/4 * 3/4
Weight (without option)70
Ambient Temperature5 ~ 45 ℃ (Option 0 ~ 50 ℃)
Oil Temperature5 ~ 45 ℃
Target Temperature Control AccuracyE : ± 1.0 ℃ A : ± 0.1 ℃
Available Used OilLubricating Oil, Hydraulic, Fluid etc.

Chiller Dimension Drawings


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