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Part : Coolant Pump

Model : ACH4-30 50Hz

Manufacturer : A-Ryung

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Product Description

ACH series is a horizontal multi-staged pump, and so compacted that it is easy to install in a small space. This pump can mainly be used with small machine and tools, house and industrial water pumping.

cooling and lubricating for machine and tools

- Water transferring : light-industrial area, farming water transfer and circulation
- High pressure : booster for single pump and multi pump

- Watering in house

The major raw material is made stainless steel,and the mechanical seal is FKM so it is very strong about high temperature and endurance.

This pump has a mechanical seal. Be careful not to operate in the condition of idle working without pump submerged. If not, the seal can be easily broken.

The using liquids should be clean, non-explosive and low viscosity without solid particles, sludge, and fibres, additionally not affects original elements of pump.

If the viscosity and gravity of using liquids is higher than soluble cutting water, the motor power has to be increased according to working conditions.

Product Specifications

Pump typeMotorCurrent
Frame No.(P2) kW
ACH 4-30F80M0.753.3 / 1.32 / 1.977,4

External Dimensions

 ACH4-20 50Hz

Performance Range

ACH4-20 50Hz


The liquid should be filled the up and down limit line indicated the pump body side.

But that the maximum level of liquid keeps below 20mm from tank top is better.

If the liquid is over the maximum limit line, it happens the liquid dispersion.

Reversely, the minimum liquid causes noise by air mixing or low performance of sucking particles from under tank.

The discharging volume is sharply changeable by the viscosity.

If the viscosity is high, the motor increases heat. So the viscosity of cutting oil keeps under 32 cSt. This pump is low head so that it can't discharge due to pipe resistance when the check valve is installed.

weigh (kg)
L1 L2L3L4H
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