Part : Compressor

Manufacturer Part Number : P741132291 

Refrigerant : R410A, R407, R134a

Specifications : VSH254CS3C8LU

Machine Type : Kwangrim CIL 1501 chiller

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Product Description

Residual Moisture

Moisture control of the lubricant is very important, because hydrolysis of lubricant causes many problems.

Residual Chlorine

Chloricfuruorocarbon and solvent cause decomposition of oil, no chlorine is recommended (if impossible, below 100 ppm).


Contamination accelerates wear of the compressor parts and decomposition of oil, therefore contamination control is required.

Compressor Sealing

It is recommended to assemble the compressor within 5 minutes of removing the sealing cap of the compressor.

This item is non-returnable. All sales are final.

Product Specifications

Product Drawing

CIL501 Compressor

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Compressor P741132291