Manufacturer : Kwangrim

Comparable Chiller Models : Daikin AKZ 909-T, Kaukan KO 3KPTS, Harbor HBO-3RPTS

Compatible Machine Models : Doosan, WIA, FFGDMC

Models : CIL 2201-A-C-T, CIL 2201ACT, CIL 2201-ACT

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Kwangrim Oil Chiller CIL 2201A-CT

The high accuracy liquid temperature controlling CIL Series oil chiller covers light to heavy loading.

With gas-by-pass type control, CIL oil chillers can be used for various cutting purposes including high-precision machining and finishing touches. The CIL A-type chiller has a dual valve/gas-by-pass PID control made +-0.1 C of continuous minute control, resulting in great machining quality and longer machine life. We also offer E-type, a CIW type and an economical model with water pump for customers.

CIL Oil Chiller Series Options

STEP Controller: Step -by-step temperature control that matches spindle speed variation. Thermal error is minimized, and constant temperature control is possible with one setting.

Heater: With heater attached, warning-up time for a machine is reduced.

Tuned Mass Sensor: The target temperature is based on machine temperature, not the indoor temperature for more accurate control ability.

Tank: Tank can be attached with various volume selection.

CIL series options chart

NANOCON Drawings

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Product Specifications


Kwangrim Oil Chiller CIL 2201A-CT

Dimension570 x 575 x 1480 (W x D x H)
External ColorBLACK
Cooling Capacity

8820/10500 (W) (50/60 Hz)

Impressed Power Source

AC200V 50 / 60Hz, AC220V / 60Hz

Power Capacity22.0A / 8.4KVA
Compressor Capacity3450W
CondenserAir cooling (ALUMINUM CONDENSER)
Heat ExchangerPlate Cooler
Circulating Oil39 / 46.8 L/min (50/60 Hz)
Max.Pressure0.7 / 0.5 Mpa

Connecting Piping

1 x 1 (In x out) (RC,PT)

Usage Temperature5 ~ 45 ℃
Temp. Control

A : ±0.1 ℃ ~ 0.2 ℃ (Does not include transient deviation)

Tank Capacity120 Liter
Temp. ControllerDIGITAL PID Controlled Controller

Chiller Dimension Drawings


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