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Part : Oil Skimmer

Model Number : KOS-370SCB

X - Length : 517 mm

Manufacturer : KEM 

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Product Description

The KEM Oil Skimmer is used to remove floating non-aqueous oil that floats on the water surface. This versatile skimmer is ideal for managing lubricating oil, motor oil, machine oil, machine operating oil and various other liquid oils making it an essential tool for industries that require an efficient oil removal.

1 Phase, AC(110V, 220V), 60Hz

Material for belt (Belt width 25mm)

S = Urethane belt

Optimal Temperature Range: 20~30℃
Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can result in deformation of both the belt and the tube.


The belt is designed to be both crash-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It has the capability to consistently remove oil, regardless of changes in the liquid level.

The cutting oil recovered by the oil skimmer requires filtration for prolonging the device's lifespan.

Various applications include: floating oils in the coolant, heat treatment equipment and coating plants, grinders, machining centers, CNC lathes, and more.

Product Specifications

X - Length517
Material for beltS=Urethane
Oil removal volume2.5ℓ/h
Power Phase, AC(110V, 220V), 60Hz

Installation Tip (Belt Optimal Position)

Tank height (standard)

The bottom of the belt is locked at 50% of the tank height.

Oil Skimmer (standard)

The optimal condition is achieved when the tank is locked 50mm ± 10% below the belt.


If the belt is deeply positioned too deep at the bottom of the tank, there is a risk that sediment such as sludge, chips, etc., may come up with oil, potentially leading to blockages in the oil separator.

Periodic cleaning is required to prevent blockage of the oil separator.

If there is a large difference in the tank's water(cutting oil) level, make sure that the bottom of the belt is submerged to the lowest.

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