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Seyang Oilmist AD 7

Part : Oilmist

Manufacturer Part Number : AD7

Manufacturer : Seyang

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Product Description

AIR DRIVE removes 99.9% of oil mist in the following way.

Fume containing oil is passed through the device, and foreign substances that are inhaled along with the fume are collected through the complex path structure of the pre-filter and nickel filter.

The remaining fine particles (oil mist) passing through the filtration filter pass through the ionization area composed of needle collector cells are repelled by + high pressure at the positively charged entry point, and are forced and collected on the collector cell side.

 The collected oil mist falls along the connection of the unit and is collected on the drain plate, and the collected oil mist can be periodically discharged to the outside through the valve.

Perfomance Property

Product Specifications




Revolution per minunt (rpm) Air volume (m3/min)Noise (db)Weight (kg)
AD 7

AC220V (50/60Hz)

Single Phase

90w1850762 ±232

External Dimensions


AD 7600380515293490(M8)28015069
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Seyang Oilmist AD 7