Part : Solenoid Operated Directional Valve

Part Number : DSG-01-2D2-A110-N1-50

Type : Plug-in connector type; terminal box type

Max. Operating Pressure : 31.5 Mpa

Max. Flow: 63 L/min

Manufacturer : Yuken

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Product Description

High Pressure & High Flow Rate

In comparison to our existing lines, both the pressure and flow of these valves are much increased.

Max. Operating Pressure: approx. 10 % increased [31.5→35 MPa(4570 →5080 PSI)]

Max. T-Line Back Pressure: approx. 30 % increased [16→21 MPa(2320 →3050 PSI)]

Max. Flow Rate: approx. 60 % increased [63→100 L/min (16.64→26.42 U.S.GPM)]

Low Pressure Drop

The pressure drop of these valves is reduced by 10 % from 1.0 to 0.9 MPa (145 to 131 PSI), in comparison to our existing lines*; the valves effectively reduce the energy consumption of the unit. {* At Flow Rate: 60 L/min (15.9 U.S.GPM), Spool Type: 3C2 (P→A)}

Compact & Small Mass

Despite of high pressure, high flow and low pressure drop, these valve bodies are compact and lightweight with DC double solenoids; the overall length and mass are reduced from 210 to 205 mm (8.26 to 8.07inch) and from 2.2 to 1.85 kg (4.85 to 4.08 lbs), respectively.

Stable Operation

Due to the powerful magnetic and spring force of the solenoids, these valves exhibit a high tolerance to contaminants and especially stable operation.

IP65-equivalent High Dust- & Water-proof

These valves demonstrate excellent dust- and water-proof characteristics, in compliance with I. E. C. Pub. 529. IP65 and JIS C0920 IP65 (dust- and jet-proof type).

Usable In Products Of Various Standards

These standard valves are CE certified for installation in equipment overseas. UL/CSA certified products are also available.

Product Specifications

Valve TypeSolenoid
Model NumberDSG-01-2D2-A110-50
Max. Flow63 L /min (16.6 G/min)
Max. Operating Pressure31.5 MPA (4570 PSI) {Spool Type 60 Only}
Max. T-Line Back Pres.16 MPA (2320 PSI)
Max. Changeover Frequency min-1R Type: 300 cycles/min 120 cycles/min
Approx. Mass2.2 kg
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Product NameSolenoid Valve DSG-01-2D2-A110-N1-50
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Solenoid Valve DSG-01-2D2-A110-N1-50